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Chinese Company Creates Bendable Graphene Bracelet Smartphones

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Smartphones are an essential lifestyle companion today. Using our Android devices or iPhones, we can check our social media accounts, play games, read books, watch movies, listen to music – and, of course, make calls. The rate at which mobile phones have evolved in the past fifteen years is mind-bending, and this development has taken a major stride thanks to a Chinese company.

The world’s first bendable smartphone is due to hit the market soon. The phone has been developed by Moxi Group, a Chinese start-up operating out of Chongqing, and 100,000 units will reach China’s consumers at an estimated price of £531 ($776). While the initial wave of bendable smartphones will feature a basic black-and-white screen, a colour alternative has been shown in action, and can even stream videos on the 5.2 inch display.

As many people will remember, the first mobile phones to enjoy popular usage, including the Nokia 3210 (with the fondly-remembered Snake game), featured monochrome screens. While users today may be too comfortable with colour displays to go back to black and white alternatives, the ability to wear them on the wrist is sure to be a huge draw for buyers.

Weighting just 200g, the device were conceived to be curled into a bracelet for comfortable, convenient wrist-wear, but perform just as well in their flat form. Executive Vice President of Moxi Group spoke to the Daily Mail of the first wave:

”Black and white phones are much easier to make. The colour model power usage is also much higher than that of the black and white unit. We’ll sell in China, and if there’s demand overseas, we’ll look into it.”

However, the team is apparently keen to have a colour version in the hands of buyers by 2018. Competitors are sure to release their own versions in a short timeframe, with wearable tech holding much potential. The Apple Watch has sold more than 12 million units since it was released last April, and the company is set to release its second version soon. Other brands are currently selling their own, including Samsung and Sony, bringing their own spin on the concept.

How the Moxi Group’s new device performs on the market will dictate how viable a color version is, and inspire other teams to create their own wearable graphene-based tech.

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